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You guys, this is not just another writing course. Whether or not you’re already a writer, it’s your chance to take a quantum leap forward in your life and your ability to create. It’s your chance to have more impact in the world. The methods I teach in this course have made me a better writer, a happier person, and a member of a “light writing” community that’s lit up my whole world.

WRITE INTO LIGHT is my answer to a moment in human history of unprecedented technological, political, and ecological strangeness. Things could go horribly wrong for humanity at this point – or they could go wonderfully right. Everything we do as a species is supported and directed by the way we think, the way we make meaning of our world and the stories we tell each other about it.

In spite of everything, the pen really is still mightier than the sword.

WRITE INTO LIGHT is the most intimate project I’ve ever created, and the most ambitious. You will learn the art of mining your own experience for wisdom that can genuinely help other people. It’s going to transform you. It’s going to create culture and community. It’s going to change the world. I’m not even kidding.

Did you take Write Into Light last year? GREAT NEWS: Brand new classes, exercises and adventures!

Let’s do this thing.

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Experience three months of world-class teaching from a ground-breaking thought leader.

What you’ll get

For you:

  • Learn practical methods to clear the areas of your life where you feel stuck, e.g. relationships, money, health.
  • Gain confidence and easy access to peace, regardless of external circumstances.
  • Gain a language and a framework for your spiritual seeking.
  • All lectures delivered by Martha Beck.
  • A vibrant community of supportive, fun, like-minded people; a tribe for life.

For your writing:

  • Write things so good they surprise you.
  • Give your writing more impact in the world.
  • Develop a concrete writing practice that is meditation, creativity injection and also creates a substantive body of work.
  • Direction and guidance from Oprah Magazine columnist and New York Times bestselling author.
  • Create finished pieces of writing for your blog, podcast, one-person show, book, or any other medium you choose.

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About Martha

Martha Beck, PhD, is a Harvard-trained sociologist, world-renowned coach and New York Times bestselling author. She has published nine non-fiction books, one novel, and more than 200 magazine articles.

“I’m shocked every time someone introduces me as a ‘bestselling author,’ because I’ve never written to sell myself, only to save myself. Writing is my favorite tool for addressing and dissolving my own suffering. At some point I discovered that it could help others, too. Since then I’ve been humbled by the responses I receive to my books and articles. My most recent stint as a monthly contributor for O, The Oprah Magazine, has lasted 17 years.

“The method I call Light Writing is what’s earned me all those gigs. But I still do it primarily to wake myself up, to live more authentically and experience more joy. That makes writing my daily bread in every way I can imagine. I would love to share it with you.”


Thanks for your interest in Write Into Light, Martha Beck’s wildly popular course in writing and self transformation! Currently, Write Into Light is only offered once a year. To be the first to know when registration opens for 2019, please drop your email address here!

“WIL taught me the magic I never knew I already had, and I surprised myself over and over again. -Lara O

“Since taking Write Into Light, my writing routine has become what I’ve always wanted: strong, consistent, and fluid. The group of writers I have met have become an integral part of my writing process, and what I feel has been a missing link in the life of a freelance writer and editor. -Caroline J